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Diesel Generators – A Checklist for their Maintenance

“Enhance the performance of your diesel generator through maintenance and overhauling by Generator Express – A renowned name in Generator Repair”


The lifespan of a diesel generator depends on its timely maintenance and overhauling. It can last for decades if you are taking care of it properly through maintenance and repairing. Owing to the high diesel generator price in Pakistan, it is considered to be a big investment and a valuable asset for any company; hence it is of utmost importance to take different measures for enhancing their performance. Let’s have a look at a checklist for the diesel generator maintenance on annual basis.


Annual Maintenance

  • Replacement of motor oil
  • Used oil and fuel filters replacement
  • Used coolant filters replacement
  • Old and worn out air filters replacement
  • Re-oiling of oil bath air filters
  • Transfer switch battery replacement
  • Preserving of fuel quality by addition to fuel additive
  • Maintenance of coolant circuits by making additions of coolant additive


Part Check

Apart from regular maintenance, diesel generator parts should also be checked and overhauled for enhanced functionality of the generators. The part check consists of the following services:


  • Testing of Generator motor oil level, pressure, and condition
  • Testing of Generate coolant level and condition
  • Testing of output voltage test
  • Generator and transfer switch panel gauges testing
  • Testing and maintenance of transfer switch
  • Generator cooling circuit temperature testing
  • Block heater temperature and function testing
  • Testing of fuel level and fluid leaks
  • Battery cables, charger, and battery testing
  • Testing of belts, pump, and other equipment of the generator


In order to enhance the working and lifespan of your diesel generators, you need to rely on a service provider that is completely reliable and can are equipped with all the right gears through which they can make your generators function to the full of their capability. There are various diesel generator companies offering generator for sale in Pakistan and after-sales services i.e. repairing, overhauling, and maintenance. Generator Express is a name you can completely trust for providing the best overhauling and repair services for your generators.


The diesel generator prices in Pakistan vary as per their size and voltage output. However, Generator Express provides high standard services for diesel generators of all size and voltage outputs.


Areas Covered by Generator Express

The services of Generator Express is not only limited to a certain geographic region. They are providing their expert services in the following areas:


  • Diesel generator in Lahore
  • Diesel generator in Karachi
  • Diesel generator in Islamabad
  • Diesel generator in Faisalabad
  • Diesel generator in Multan
  • Diesel generator in Gujranwala
  • Diesel generator in Hyderabad
  • Diesel generator in Quetta
  • Diesel generator in Peshawar
  • Diesel generator in Sialkot


The experts at Generator Express make sure that you have an uninterrupted supply of power through the expert techniques they used to repair, overhaul, and maintain your diesel generators.


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